Artifical Intelligent robot can read human mind

By | April 16, 2018

Artificial intelligence is the most exciting field in robotics. But it’s certainly the most controversial. Everybody agrees that robots can do jobs like human and they will soon get human jobs in all fields of life yet nobody is sure that robot may ever be intelligent. Almost in all field of life we are interacting with Artificial intelligent applications in home, science, technology and even in Psychology. Yes, artificial intelligent robot can read human mind. So we are at the point “this could change everything “i-e AI is supposed to read human minds.

AI robot can read human mind

AI robot read human mind

How Artificial Intelligent robot can read Human mind:

Artificial Intelligence along with fMRI scan apparently created a mind reading robot. The system is similar to Artificial Intelligent technologies that have been used successfully to caption the images. To read the mind/brain of human, The AI first needs the image of their brain and then scan it using fMRI scanner and then display the image based on what person is looking at. These scans show the activity of the human brain through blood flow. For example, if a person is watching an alphabet A written on board, The AI will create the similar version of that image (fuzzy version).

But one thing should be kept in mind that AI mind reading is not 100% correct. In one test person was looking at clock while the AI robot create an image of scissor which proves that it still needs improvement. Even when wrong, it sometimes came with close results, the tantalizingly close. For example, a person is scanned looking at river and AI caption it ‘A man is suffering in ocean of his surf boat”

AI robot read can human mind

AI robot can read human mind(fuzzy image)

In some cases, system was spot on. While scanning the image of group of people standing next to each other the system predict absolutely right. Even in scanning image of black and white dogs, the AI system predict right.

Well. Presently system has it limits. It might be because the fMRI does not record all the activities of brain. So obviously AI system face hinders to caption it accurately. This needs to be improved. Also this process requires a participant to lie in a machine which make it quite unsuitable to use it anywhere but in medical facility.

However, this AI technology is just at its early stages. Obviously it’s not perfect now, but it can be a use case for deep learning. It needs a lot of research and advance technology to cope with all the challenges. We can expect to have advance mind reading robots in near future.

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